you will find Heather

An artist and soon-to-be friend who capture the heartfelt and real moments families and couples share.

I love the “everyday things” Those moments, that on most days may go unnoticed, your child's laughter as their toes touch the ocean, the way your spouse's eyes crinkle when you kiss their cheek and your fiancés smile while you whisper in her ear. These are the connections I strive to capture, these moments that breathe life and emotion into images and frame your life through photography.

I can't wait to hear from you

A Little About Heather

I always knew...

my life would be a creative one. I pursued my passion, received a BFA in photography from the University of the Arts, fell in love, married my best friend, and worked as a freelance artist, an art teacher, a graphic designer, and a photographer.

What makes me tick?

I am a reno-junkie. Me + My hubby love working on our 1920’s home. I have an unhealthy additional to apple products And, I’m hopelessly addicted to Pinterest, Instagram and coffee.

My biggest flaw?

Oh, that’s definitely house plants. Don’t bringing me anything living and green into my home. While I am crafty and creative, house plants die within seconds of entering our house. I swear I don’t do anything. Wait… maybe that’s the problem…

I truly believe...

That happiness is the most important thing in life. If you always chase your dreams with passion and dedication they will become a reality. If you do what you love for a living the rest will always fall into place.



I am a firm believer that what you wear can make or break your session. When planning your outfits you should coordinate your colors and avoid matching outfits. The goal of you session is to capture your family at this moment in time, so you want to dress like its a normal day.


When planning for your session, we watch the weather closely the days before. We account for the possibility and keep dates each week to allow for rain dates for each session. If rain is going to interfere with your session we will reach out to you and reschedule for a future date.


I prefer to capture the pure moments as they happen. I do not overly edit your images, each session includes color correction and basic adjustment. My rule is if it would not be there in a week it will be removed (scratches, bruises, and blemishes). The heavier requested edit will be $50 per edit.


Lots of people confuse a print release and copyright. Heather Cox photography will retain the copyright to all the images from your session. Clients can upgrade their session to a digital package with a print release for an additional fee. This release will give you the power to print your image and make prints for your friend and family. You can also post on social media.


The time and location of your session is an important part of the planning process. For the prettiest light sessions should take place within an hour of sunrise and/or sunset, especially on the beach. During you pre-session consultation, we can plan the location that will work best for you. After 9 years of shooting I have a few spots that are my favorites and we can work together to find the perfect spot.