A Seaside Proposal

I had a wonderful time photographing Jen and Mike's Seaside Proposal on the New Jersey Coast. Mike reached out to me a few weeks ago to discuss his plans. He had a busy day planned. He would run a triathlon in the morning in Atlantic City, (he finished 96 out of 1600). Then propose to Jen at sunset on the beach in Longport. So we started planning, I arranged for a decoy family to photograph on the beach nearby to blend in a little. Mike and his family handle all the other details. Jen had no idea what Mike planned, she thought she was just taking a sunset walk on the beach, which made what unfolded that much sweeter!

At 6:00, On the coast of Longport Mike's family arrived on 11th Ave to set up the perfect picnic proposal. In the next half hour, Mike would walk hand in hand with Jen to this blanket, crack open a bottle of champagne, and toast. His proposal was perfectly timed out, filled with a little suspense and so much love and laughter. While holding hands on the Jetty, Jen pointed at the banner plan as it flies over with the question: Will you marry me silly goose! Mike bends down on one knee. Jen teared up with joy and say Yes! Then jump into his arms with excitement! Then with a quick call, all their family and friends arrived.

Congratulations Mike and Jen, I wish you nothing but a life of love and happiness.